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Welcome to Nijaguna Groups of Hotels, Resorts & Spa
Nijaguna Bandipur Resort
Welcome To Nijaguna Groups Of Hotels, Resorts & Spa
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Welcome To Nijaguna Group Of Hotels, Resorts & Spa
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Nijaguna Resorts – One of the Best Bandipur Resorts


Nijaguna Group of resorts is a household name for every traveller and lover of nature. We are known for our hospitality and stunningly located resorts in Chamrajanagar that are simply unbeatable! We believe in curating the dream holiday for you filled with activities at the best bandipur resorts and the best resorts in K Gudi. We are a sublime memory waiting to create a space in your mind and make Nijaguna resorts your favourite holiday destination. Nijaguna group of resorts believes in traditional with a modern touch. Our Ayurvedic spa is a homely setting bathed in luxury with treatments that are purely natural and have been passed down from generations. The service at Nijaguna is like no other BR Hills resort. We are at your beck and call throughout your stay and ensure a wonderful experience of leisure. We are drivers of change that have combined nature and luxury perfectly within one another. Experience this unique holiday with one of the 10 best resorts in Bandipur, Nijaguna Group of Resorts.


BRT Wildlife Resort

BRT Wildlife Resort is the best resort in BR hills providing extravagant facilities like a plush swimming pool with blue water, well-furnished rooms and many more. If you are a fitness freak, visit our state of art Gym- sweat it out. Our AC Banquet hall is appropriate for hosting a multitude of events at the best nature resorts near mysore. Be it a birthday party or a corporate seminar, we will make it look perfect!

            Bandipur Wildlife Resort

(Bandipur Resorts)

Bandipur’s magic spreads itself across your memory. The best of all Bandipur resorts is Nijaguna Wildlife Resort that is a splendid getaway with the trademark greenery of Bandipur. This Bandipur Wildlife Resort is a luxurious experience for all the senses with a diverse set of amenities. The fully equipped spa is the icing on the cake making it the most unique out of all the resorts at Bandipur National park

Nijaguna Boutique Hotel

Nijaguna Residency, Chamarajnagar – The Best Budget-Friendly resort in K gudi, strategically located to offer unhindered access to the natural jewels in the Heart of BR hills. Experience their Garden Restaurant, campfire facilities, and most importantly their indulging activities like trekking, campfire and wildlife Safari. Connect with Nijaguna and connect with the nature of the resorts in BR Hills.


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