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BRT Wildlife Resort

Nijaguna Residency, Chamarajnagar – The resort is strategically located to offer unhindered access to the natural jewels in the region – K Gudi Wildlife Sanctuary and BR Hills..

Bandipur Wildlife Resort

Nijaguna Resort & Spa, Gundlupete, Bandipur – One of the best resorts near Bandipur National Park, this is the place to experience what heaven feels like!!!

Nijaguna Boutique Hotel

One of the best Bandipur Hotel, Nijaguna Resorts & Spa offers to you, views of greenery spread over miles surrounded by misty mountains. Come face to face with the wild…


Sublime, transcendental and awe-inspiring are few adjectives used to describe the Nijaguna Group of Resorts. With 2 amazing resorts at your disposal, nestled within the lush surroundings of the Nilgiri Hills, you will be overwhelmed for choice.


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