Bandipur National Park has been a long standing area since its original functioning as a chasing reserve for the Maharaja of Mysore. Since then it and seen its ups and downs with many changes since its original existence. But one thing has remained constant over the years and even centuries: its popularity amongst tourists and visited of South India. Bandipur’s wildlife was all the more rich and lush in its day which had dwindled since due to the unethical practices of poaching. The species found here such as elephants, tigers, deer, leopards and various birds have all been killed for their exotic parts such as skin, horns, feathers and even for meat. These practices were once rampant and have impacted the wildlife to an extent which we once thought was irreparable.

 The government of India has since intervened and initiated projects such as Project Tiger and Project Elephant which has had a remarkable progress. The number of tigers and elephants since the 90s has increased several folds and become something close to what used to be its former glory. The resorts and stays around the area have also got along with the times and become more modern and luxurious. These resorts and lodges are no longer just basic staying locations but have evolved into hosts of activities, spas and adventure experiences. There are also wildlife safaris that are a booming attraction where the visitors can witness wildlife up close. The Bandipur area overall has transformed into a sustainable and naturally pleasant destination which is finally giving mother nature it’s due place.


 But it is sometimes nature itself that can harm it. In the January of 2019 a massive fire broke out in the Bandipur area that has destroyed hundreds of acres of forest area. The firefighters on the spot couldn’t stop the fire for over a week which worsened due to the strong winds. The fire has slightly disturbed wildlife in the area but was controlled due to intervention. Another calamity avoided was the rejection of the proposal to erect a new passing in the Bandipur National Park that would require felling of trees and natural habitat. Activists and locals in February had raised a voice against the bypass which would be detrimental to the essence of Bandipur. Bandipur is a famous destination in South India known for its wildlife and is one of the most ecologically diverse areas in all of India along with the Nagarhole National Park which will withstand nature, man and any force that can try to harm it.