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Welcome to Nijaguna Residency and Spa

Get in Touch with the green environment in the deep jungle of BR hills and K Gudi by visiting the most affordable and budget-friendly residency resort near Mysore. Nijaguna Groups Of Resorts and Spa offers you the only residency hotel in Chamarajanagar with the luxury amenities like Spa, Gym, Swimming pool and many more which will keep revisiting in your memories.

About the Best Residency Resort Near Mysore

The perfect gateway from the hustle and bustle of city life

Located in Gundlupete, Bandipur, Nijaguna Residency and Spa is a perfect gateway for all those longing to witness the beauty of Nature. Far from the non-stop turmoil of city life it is a spot fit for every event – be it a trek to revive your body and mind or to revive the flares of your relationship or a family trip with children. This luxurious getaway guarantees you a much needed break in your life.

Location of Nijaguna hotels in chamarajanagar

Just before the woods

Just 20 minutes from the visitor zone of the Bandipur National Park, Nijaguna Resort and Spa is situated on Ooty Road in a town called Gundlupete. Nijaguna resorts take some part of the forest with luxurious facilities.

Bandipur, known for its untamed life, was developed into a tiger reserve under Project Tiger in 1974. Once a private chasing reserve for the Maharaja of Mysore, it is now a National Park, situated in the southern region of Karnataka, where the Deccan Plateau meets the Western Ghats. With a tropical atmosphere having particular wet and dry seasons, it’s one of the richest wildlife areas in India.

The elevation of the recreation center extents from 680 meters to 1,454 meters. The most astounding point in the center is on a slope called Himavad Gopalaswamy Betta, where there is a Hindu sanctuary.

Nijaguna Boutique Hotel Gallery

One of the best Bandipur Resorts, Nijaguna Resorts & Spa offers to you, views of greenery spread over miles surrounded by misty mountains. Come face to face with the wild…

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Luxury on one hand and Untouched Nature on the other

In the calmness of this resort you will find modern amenities and courteous service. Some of them include: 

Fully integrated Wellness Spa

Pamper your Body. Rejuvenate your mind…

At Wellness, we are committed to providing unique treatments by blending ancient Asian healing techniques with age-old recipes prepared from fresh and natural ingredients, designed to leave you refreshed, rejuvenated and relaxed. Wellness treatments include:

  • Body Massage
  • Swedanam (Medicated Steam Bath)
  • Daily Yoga Classes
  • Shirodhara
  • Indriya Sparsha

Weight Loss Package :

  • Various customised packages available
  • Includes A/C accommodation and all meals

Ayurveda is practiced in India since 5000 years now. Based on the concept of 3 doshas or Tridosha, Vata (the lightest), Kapha (heaviest) and Pitta (medium built), its philosophizes that everything in the world is made up of the tridosha, and these doshas (“force” or “faults” in the basic built up of our body) combine 2 of the 5 elements of the earth, vata is ether and air; pitta is fire and water, kapha is water and earth. Doshas can go out of balance causing a disorder in the mind and body.

By bringing balance to these doshas, Ayurveda can treat every kind of disease existing in the world.

Ayurveda recommends counselling, meditation, yoga, ayurvedic oil massages, healthy living, healthy eating and natural ayurvedic medicine and remedies to help the mind, body & soul achieve balance.

Ayurveda has effective therapies for renewing the body & mind. Most of the treatments involve massages with the use of therapeutic oils and decoctions prepared from natural medicinal herbs.

These oils are prepared using 50 or more ingredients and have a profound healing effect.

Mahanarayana thailam, a famous ayurvedic oil, meant for panchakarma and rejuvenation treatment creates a remarkable healing effect when it is applied to specific points by our trained therapists during a session of massage.


Take comfort in our elegantly furnished rooms with soothing interiors and suites with lavishly decorated attached bath and spectacular views.

Multi-cuisine Restaurant

Our master chefs guarantee that every dish teases your taste buds and mollifies your spirit. Humour yourself with the delicacies from mouthwatering joys of Jain food with spoons and forks or appreciate the scrumpitous food from worldwise cuisine.

Swimming Pool

Get lured into taking a dip and calm the senses.


Chat over a drink or two with your friends or family in the connoisseur’s delight.


The resort includes an adequately equipped gym for the fitness conscious.

Elephant Carriage Wildlife Safari

One of our primary attractions The mountain breeze flowing down the vales of the picturesque Nilgiris invites you to the perfect backdrop for a wildlife safari. Take a trip to the wild side and encounter the residents of the jungle in their own habitat. Indulge in bird watching and wildlife to your heart’s content!


Trekking in Himadagopala Swamy Betta of Chamarajnagar amidst scenic, dense forests is one of the most prominent adventure in South India. Explore into the heights of hills or swerve through the slopes of the Moyar Gorge all under the guidance of our experienced naturalists.


Nijaguna Resort offers a cosy bonfire organised by professionals who ensure safety and the usage of eco-friendly devices. Suit yourself to party hard, let loose or quietly enjoy the sounds of silence.

Tourist Attractions

Bandipur National Park

One of South India’s most famous biospheres Formed by extending the Venugopal Wildlife Park, set up in 1931 by the Mysore Maharajas, Bandipur National Park is one of India’s best known Tiger reserves, spread over an area of 880 sq. kms. Located in the Chamarajanagar, it shares borders with the Nagarhole Tiger Reserve (Karnataka) in the North-West, Madumalai Tiger Reserve (Tamil Nadu) in the South and the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary in the South-West, altogether forming the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve; which is the one of the last refuges of endangered Asiatic wild elephants. he park is full of hills, gorges, rivers Kabini, Nugu, Moyar and streams flowing through. Owing to the rigid protection, there has been a tremendous improvement in the wildlife population and the habitat. The Bandipur Tiger Reserve is home to the largest number of tigers and elephants in India. Other species including Chousingha, bisons, Nilgiri monkeys, sambhars , Muntjac and Wildpig are residents of this biosphere. Tourists can spot various birds in the sanctuary such as peacocks, crested hawk eagles, Malabar trogon, large racket-tailed drongos and Malabar whistling thrush, green pigeons, Malabar grey hornbill, scops owl, brown dove, black woodpecker, harriers, falcons and king vultures. Owing to a moderate climate the park is a paradise containing a diverse variety of flora and fauna. When the pre-monsoon showers hit the forest, Bandipur comes alive with melodious calls of birds and sprouting grass, attracting large mammals. Between April and October, Bandipur is a paradise for the tourists. During summers, when most of Bandipur is dry, the backwaters of the Kabini Reservoir hosts the large mammals and presents a unique breathtaking spectacle and this is one of it’s kind in Asia.

Himavad Gopalaswamy Betta 

Be face to face with misty mountains and greenery spread over miles. Lying in the core area of the Bandipur National Park, the Himavad Gopalaswamy Betta (hill) is the highest peak, located at 1455 meters above sea level. Covered in dense fog, round the year, the hills earn the name Himavad and the temple of Venugopalaswamy (Lord Krishna) give the full name of Himavad Gopalaswamy Betta.  

TM Hills Trekking Spot

Trekking especially is quite popular on these terrains of Karnataka and a number of trekking enthusiasts turn up every season, and some even during the off season. If you fancy wildlife photography, can have no better opportunity than this!

Madumalai Wildlife Santuary

Established in 1940, Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary, also known as Mudumalai National Park, was recently declared as a tiger reserve. Situated on the banks of river Moyar and lies on the north-western side of the Nilgiri hills. Sprawling across a vast geographical area, the sanctuary is situated at an average altitude ranging from 467 metres to 1,251 metres. The sanctuary received its name as Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary from Mudumalai, meaning ‘situated on a first hill’. The entire wildlife sanctuary is segmented into five different ranges namely Kargudi, Thekkady, Masinagudi, Mudumalai and Nellakota. Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary attracts thousands of nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts for its rich variety of flora and fauna, including huge herds of hyenas, mouse deer, jackals, stripe-necked mongoose, porcupines, giant flying squirrels, bonner macaques, barking deer and langurs. Tourists can spot various tropical forests, shrubs and swamps, moist teak forest, and dry teak forest can also be seen. Apart from these, the sanctuary also houses a wide variety of reptiles like crocodiles, pythons, common krait, bamboo pit snakes, turtles, frogs and amphibians. Known for its avian population, the sanctuary comprises rare species of resident as well as migratory birds.

Ooty (Queen of Hill Stations)

Ooty is celebrated for its captivating and beautiful splendour. All the routes to Ooty focus on Gundlupete and the route saddles both Karnataka and Tamilnadu over their outskirt. On the Karnataka side, the forest is called as Bandipur National Park while the jungle on the Tamilnadu side is called the Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary.  


Our tariff is as per availability

Our tariff is flexible and customers could opt for packages to suit their convenience.

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