Wondering where to spend your vacation? Why not try a wildlife resort this time?
There are hundreds of wildlife resorts in and around Bangalore that provide an adventurous stay. These resorts are surrounded by greenery and are extremely thrilling. But before you book your stay, here are some features that make a wildlife resort different from an ordinary one.

1. Location- A wildlife resort is often located in or near a wildlife sanctuary or a forest which enhances the whole thrill of your stay. On the other hand an ordinary resort can be located anywhere in the city or outskirts.
Nijaguna resort located in Gundlupet and Bandipur is one such resort that provides this adventurous stay near famous wildlife reserves like Bandipur tiger reserve and national park.

2. Sightseeing- sightseeing from an wildlife resort opens up several options given the amount of greenery that one can explore along with a rich wildlife and nature. You can explore various kinds of animals and plants and enrich yourself in tranquility. Some resorts even provide options of safari.
Nijaguna resort located near Bandipur tiger reserve and national park makes this possible by enabling you to witness a wide range of wild animals and plants.
An ordinary resort perhaps wouldn’t have such thrilling options all the time.

3. Activities- wildlife resort ensure an active stay because you can engage in a number of activities. Be it nature and wildlife photography, trekking, cycling along the forest boundaries, exploration or even meditation, these resort provide the perfect ambiance for all of this.
An ordinary resort would just make you stay in rooms or be in gardens. The thrill of the journey is maximum in a wildlife resort
Nijaguna resort is one such resort that has the perfect surroundings for the best activities.
So now you know that the difference between a wildlife resort and an ordinary resort.