Night stay at a resort is always a memorable adventure experience. Staying in a nature resort is fun in terms of greenery and a variety of flora and fauna. The environment is perfect for nature photography and especially in Bandipur, for wildlife photography.
Jungle lodges allow you to have an authentic nature stay. A destination like Gundlupet I’d an option for a nature getaway and sightseeing experience. However, Jungle lodges don’t have to compromise on facilities like restaurants and spa. These features can be found in many Jungle lodges and resorts for a comfortable stay. Another advantage of night stays is the enjoyment for large group outings. More people is always more fun! You can enjoy stories and fun games with friends and family or colleagues and then sleep under the stars and clear sky.
A night stay is different from a day outing as you have more time to enjoy wildlife and nature and enjoy a relaxed evening. Enjoy a cup of coffee or a book and watch the sunset view and amazing sights at your own leisure. A jungle lodge is an exciting experience as you sleep in proximity to wildlife such as lions, elephants and other exotic species that makes the outing more thrilling. The overall experience of a night stay in a jungle lodge is many times better than a regular resort experience. Don’t miss out on this thrilling experience!