Bandipur is a name famous across the nation for its wildlife but more importantly for the Bandipur National park. This exotic area is a national reserve with a rich history. It used to be a hunting ground for the Maharaja’s of Mysore and has an abundance of animals such as antelope, elephants, deer and more! This makes the park perfect for wildlife photography and nature photography enthusiasts in general.
There are many activities to enjoy within the park such as bird watching, jungle safari, elephant camp etc. There is also an option for trekking on the Biligirirangan Hills and a holy pilgrimage to Him as Gopalaswamy Temple as well. This makes Bandipur perfect for adventure activities, sight seeing and also spiritual tourism. These thrilling activities make the experience all the more special and exciting. It is a hotspot for adventure lovers.
The specialty of Bandipur is also its numerous resorts and hotels to stay at. These resorts are generally luxury resorts from which it is relaxing and enriching to visit a national park such as Bandipur. There are many spa options as well that ayurvedic treatment and overall pampering for their guests. There are resorts that facilitate team building activities for corporate packages as well as private holidays. Bandipur is a must visit weekend getaway full of activities!