The South is a lush land of greenery in every state. With Tamil Nadu having approximately 20% forest cover and Karnataka having 19% of forest area these are quite green and have a lot of flora and fauna flourishing in the area. The forest cover if these states breeds a lot of wildlife and exotic elements of nature making them perfect destinations for wildlife sanctuaries. More than the aesthetic appeal of the greenery, it is beneficial for the environment and the overall sustainability of the planet as well.

 One major area that has wildlife sanctuaries, forests and beautiful hills is Chamrajanagar. The area is surrounded by many other locations such as Ooty, Bandipur, Nagarhole, BR Hills and Mysore. There is a charm in the area that is reflective of all its tourist attractions and has become a hotspot for trekkers, adventure enthusiasts, boating enthusiasts and wildlife and nature photographers as well. The main wildlife sanctuaries in Chamrajanagar are Malai Mahadeshwara Wildlife Sanctuary, Bandipur National park and Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary.

 Each of these sanctuaries has a population of various exotic flora and fauna, many of which are endangered species that require protection from poaching. The tiger, Asiatic elephant, leopard, spotted deer, sambhar, honey badger etc. are major attractions for tourists to see. They are exotic animals that are great for photography and may not survive many generations , however the government is making active efforts to protect these species.

 Bandipur National park is an ecosystem in itself with an area of 874 square meters. There are exotic birds such as Indian Vulture, kingfisher, Indian Roller, Brown fish owls and more that are great for birding(bird photography). The national park offers a safari that lets you see the animals in their habitat up close. The Bandipur Tiger Reserve is one of the largest homes of the tiger in India. The national animal has long been endangered by practices of illegal poaching and the government’s initiative of Project Tiger has greatly increased the tiger population in the country. The Bandipur National Park has many resorts and lodges to stay near the visitor zone that offer a comfortable stay with luxury facilities. The

K Gudi is also a great spot with various reserves for different specialization of animals and plants. The area has many Jungle lodges to stay in making it a great spot for a nature stay. These jewels of Chamrajanagar are enhanced further by waterfalls like Barachukki water falls, Gaganachukki water falls, Chunchi falls and more. Bilgiri Ranganath Hills, Gopalaswami Betta and Kanakagiri hills are some of the beautiful hills and mountaintops that will take your breath away! Now that you know the hotspots of Chamrajanagar along with its wildlife, all that’s left is to book your tickets!